Speaker Profile

Wouter Gerardus Piët


Wouter Piët is a 62 years old seasoned hospitality expert of Dutch origin. With a theoretical background if Finance and Hospitality he built up his career from Income Auditor to Finance Manager to GM mainly in The Netherlands. 

However, his interest in IT made him make a move from the Hospitality to the IT industry. In 2000 Compuware purchased the source code of the company he had founded, and he went for early retirement in Malaysia. A lack of challenges and an opportunity resulted in the setting up of a new software house dedicated to the Hospitality industry.

E-Hors (Electronic Hotel Operations & Reservation System) was the first ERP based system for the Hospitality Industry in a market that was dominated by island solutions and full of interfaces. 

Hospitality runs in his blood and the combined experience of hotel operations and designing and developing an ERP system for the hospitality industry has resulted in a new mission for Piët that will increase the net profits of all hotels and resorts.

His speech today will be an introduction of how the hospitality industry can turn around the ever-increasing power of the OTA’s and the related increasing commissions the OTA’s are forcing the market to pay.

Piët believes that if hotel associations, hotel management and owners find a way to work together, the business will go back to the hotels / resorts. Profits will increase, more money will be available for improvement of guest services and the list goes on.

OTA commissions are not beneficial for a guest nor for a hotel and Piët wants to do something about it together with the industry.