Speaker Profile

William T. Ti, Jr.

Principal architect,WTA Architecture and Design Studio

William graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Master’s in Urban Design in 2012 and acquired his Bachelor’s in Architecture from the University of Santo Tomas in 2002. Together with friends he formed a partnership in 2005 and finally founded WTA Architecture and Design Studio in 2007. In the 15 years of his professional career, he has worked on hundreds of projects ranging from retail shops and housing projects to large scale malls and condos as well as hotels and master-planned developments. Currently, with a team of some 90 architects and designers, he has been working extensively on large-scale developmental work. As the principal architect of WTA, he has been able to lead the firm in winning various awards and gaining global recognition. He is a strong advocate of social architecture that promotes a more humanist and socially relevant practice of architecture. As a firm believer in sustainable planning and the advantages of urban living, he tries to imagine a better-curated more design-focused society where beautiful things and pleasant environments are ubiquitous, even in the densest city centers.